OLYMPIA: The birthplace of the Olympic Games.


Even the sound of the word «Olympia» makes us dream to travel to the land where the Olympic Games were born. Here is the most important stadium in the world, here is the start of the Olympic flame and here is the divine beauty of sculpture.


You’ll visit the museum, and the ancient site. You will learn why «gymnasium» means «place for naked athletes», what was the purpose of the palaestra, the Voulefterion, the luxurious hostel, the huge temples, see the spot where the Olympic flame is lighted for the torch relay using a parabolic mirror and the sun rays, the Philippeion – Gt. Alexander’s monument, the treasuries, the beautiful aqueduct of the sanctuary, the tunnel of Agnaptos, a masterpiece of Greek architecture, learn what was the punishment for the cheaters.

Without any doubt Olympia is a place worth your visit. A place that still plays a role in our life and that you will remember every time you watch the lighting of an Olympic flame, the beginning of an Olympic torch relay, and the ceremony at the monument of Pierre De Coubertin.


When you finish with your sightseeing, you may stroll around the main street or relax in the peaceful setting of the modern Olympia town.


Nearby are pretty beaches and traditional wineries waiting for you!

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